Musical Theatre

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have postponed live production of  Another Night Way Off Broadway. But we are creative people, and the show is now Way Way Way Off Broadway! and is a radio play / podcast.

Starring Niki Kennedy, Cecile Larochelle, Bert Munn and Warren Persowich, backed by the all star Sloane Rangers Band including Olaf DeShield, Mike Ferguson, Brian Harding, Don Hardy, Tim Sars, and Timothy Stacey. Written and scored by Don Hardy. Co-directed by Robbie Hébert and Don Hardy. Rehearsed and recorded at a distance due to social distancing guidelines imposed due to COVID-19.

Past productions  for Vancouver Parks Board Access Services Adapted Theatre Company at the Moberly Arts Centre in South Vancouver, include “Our Man in Kits”, “SVTV”, “Around Part of the World in 80 Minutes”, and “Captain Conscience”.

Composer Don Hardy has also developed musical theatre productions for Macdonald School and Our Lady of Fatima schools as part of arts residencies.

Release dates for Another Night Way Off Broadway will be announced here.

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts