Everyday People

Ah. Just when I thought I had finished, I wasn’t. But I replaced a few video clips that didn’t transfer properly. The final tune from the Bandwagon project is the perfect 1 chord song – Everyday People. Thanks to Gordon Clark for steering that one my way. I included some shots from a New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians parade, as they really have the notion that we are all Everyday People. Jack used his guitar session with Ron Thompson to good use in getting a solid rhythm groove going, and K.N. added some clavinet. Seth sequenced his bass line and learned about MIDI editing. Conor and I picked up the pizza after he nailed the drum groove that Mitch Lazer had shown him, and it was a wrap. Big thanks to Musicsharesociety and ┬árecording engineer Erik Olson, MTABC, The Music Therapy Ride and the Music Therapy Trust Fund for making this adventure possible.

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